Michelle Osterhout is outside and wears a multicolor scarf

Michelle Osterhout



Michelle Osterhout is a member of the Deaf translation team that volunteers for Lutheran Friends of the Deaf to produce and translate different materials into American Sign Language (ASL) from their English sources.

Michelle has worked at Deaf C.A.N.! in Michigan since 1993 and wore various hats as an Independent Living Skills and Job Coach, a stint in Foster/Adoption support, then a Case Manager for some time before being a LEAP Playgroup Leader for 17 years. She also dabbles as an Extreme Ropes Camps Director, and is currently a new Interpreter Workshop Coordinator. Recently, Michelle taught a year as an LTS Art Teacher for Michigan School for the Deaf and currently is an on call sub teacher. For several years she worked for Oakland Schools, as an ASL Teachers K-12 Workshop coordinator. Michelle taught ASL throughout Michigan since 1993 and currently teaches at Mott Community College, where she has worked for the past 17 years. Her job also includes mentoring and ASL Lab. She has worked as a Shared Reading Project (SRP) tutor for Bloomfield and MSD schools. Michelle is also a Deaf artist on the side,  and works in jewelry and glass art. She received a BFA in 1993, and participated five years with Arts, Beats, and Eats events of Royal Oak under Deaf Arts Festival (DAF) and as an artist at DAF booths. Some of her artwork has been donated to silent auctions at her church and other organizations. She volunteers her time for art and ASL storytelling. She has done a few video productions for ASL Bible Stories with Mill Neck and D-PAN. Michelle is Deaf, a second generation in a Deaf family. She is the mother of four “Deaf Heart” KODA (Kids of Deaf Adults) and has belonged to Our Savior Lutheran Church of the Deaf since birth, where as an active member, she loves signing church songs.