Michelle Osterhout



Where do you live (City, State)?
Goodrich, MI
Where did you attend Deaf school?
Never attended Deaf school. Attended an oral school until 4th grade then inclusive education all throughout school years. “One Deaf in all hearing.” “[My] Deaf family balanced me.”
What University did you graduate from and with what degree?
Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY
What church do you attend?
Our Savior Lutheran Church of the Deaf, Birmingham, MI, since birth.
Where have you taught ASL?
Mott Community College 12 years (ASL Adjunct Professor)
Oakland University for 1 year
Baker for 1 year
Other activities in Rochester and Lake Orion: Deaf C.A.N., churches, community education
Shared Reading Project (SRP) at Bloomfield Hills, MI and Michigan School for the Deaf
ASL Tutor
ASL storyteller for diverse events, Mott Community College, and Michigan School for the Deaf