Memorial & Tribute Donations

Honor someone special with a tribute gift. We'll send your honoree or their family a personalized card letting them know of your thoughtful contribution.

Tribute Donations

Tribute gifts can be made in memory or in honor of a friend or loved one. When your gift is received, it will be acknowledged by Mill Neck Foundation with a beautiful card sent to the person or family you designate (the amount of the contribution is confidential). We will also send you an acknowledgment letter for your gift.

You can also request to have free Mill Neck Foundation memorial cards to have on hand.

Tribute Donations

Memorial Program "Celebrate a Life"

If we are blessed, we will encounter people during our lives who change the way we view and experience the world, who touch our hearts in a significant way. When they are gone, we take comfort in finding a way to remember them and express our thanks for the role they played in our lives.

The Mill Neck Manor Memorial Program offers a most fitting way to honor the memory of those we loved. Your memorial donation will be used to create opportunities for Deaf children and to ensure that they do not become “forgotten,” but rather active participants in their future and ours.

To request more Mill Neck Foundation memorial cards and donation form/envelopes, please click here.

In Honor of Program

A caring way to honor someone special or recognize an occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or holiday, is by making a gift in their honor to Mill Neck. Your gift shows you care as it’s put to work helping us make a brighter tomorrow for those who are Deaf.

Memorial Cards

We are able to mail 4 cards per request. Please complete the
mc request form below and allow 4-7 business days for delivery.

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