LFD Visits an Old Friend

August 16, 2018 | Latest News

In June the Rev. Tom Dunseth of LFD traveled to visit the 2018 convention of the the Eastern District Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.

During the convention, Rev. Dunseth paid a visit to the Rev. Dr. Louis Jasper. For those long time friends and supporters of Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf, you will remember Rev. Jasper. He was present at the dedication of the school in 1951, and was one of Mill Neck Manor School’s first chaplains.

In fact, if you have access to the book Mill Neck at the Millennium: 50 Years of Ministry with Deaf People, you can see on page 49 a young Louis Jasper pictured with Mill Neck Manor School teacher Amelia Boos. Together Jasper and Boos created the John of Beverly Bible curriculum for Deaf children.

After his time at Mill Neck, Rev. Jasper spent nearly three decades in Hong Kong and Macau pioneering Deaf education in the Chinese context. As a result of his dedication, Lutheran School for the Deaf in Hong Kong and Concordia School for Special Education in Macau were established, both of which remain mission partners of Lutheran Friends of the Deaf to this day.

Currently Rev. Jasper lives in Newark, NY, and serves as vacancy pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church in the same town.


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