LFD Records ASL Liturgy Gloss

LFD Records ASL Liturgy Gloss

December 4, 2018 | News

Director of Lutheran Friends of the Deaf (LFD) Pastor Thomas Dunseth and LFD Deaconess Heidi Sias were in Michigan with some Deaf individuals to make recordings for the sign language liturgy gloss.

LFD began working on an American Sign Language (ASL) gloss of the English liturgy of the LCMSLutheran Service Book hymnal back in 2015. The liturgy is a standard form that shapes the Church’s worship—everyone speaks the same words together, not only within one congregation, but across a church body, through time, and around the world. Now, Deaf members will be able to view the ASL liturgy gloss through signed video, which will be included on the LFD website.

The gloss, which is a written form of sign language, is to be used as a reference to provide a consistent translation that can be used in all contexts throughout the country. The gloss should eventually be memorized and then no longer used.

“We are so pleased to take the next step in this project and begin making videos of the liturgy gloss. So many people are involved in this project, Pastor Dunseth and I work to keep things theologically pure, the Deaf team members provide invaluable feedback on the nuances of the language, and a Lutheran family handles the technical side of recording for us,” said Deaconess Sias. “Everyone has been so dedicated to this project. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are all committed to bringing the Gospel of Christ to Deaf people in their language and to creating a consistent liturgy text for wherever they worship.”

Check out the ASL Liturgy Gloss videos at

Photo caption: LFD members recording the ASL liturgy gloss in Michigan


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