Our History

In 1951, the Mill Neck Manor Lutheran School opened its doors to 19 Deaf boys and girls. Since its inception, LFD, now a part of the Mill Neck Family of Organizations, brings the Word of God to the Deaf community locally from their backyard in Mill Neck, N.Y., all the way to the horn of Africa in Ethiopia.

  • 1951

    Mill Neck Manor Dedication After the ribbon-cutting, the massive, carved oak doors of the Manor House, estimated to be around 500 years old, were swung open and Mill Neck Manor Lutheran School for the Deaf officially opened.

  • 1959

    John of Beverly Medal The first John of Beverly medal was awarded to Rev. Dr. John L. Salvner after serving 57 years as a pastor, missionary and executive secretary for the Board of Missions to the Deaf, The Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod.

  • 1964

    The John of Beverly Chapel Typical worship services in the John of Beverly chapel during the 1950s and 1960s included the whole student body and faculty. The completed chapel included seating for 100, a baptismal font in front of the former fireplace and a Christus Rex above the altar, surrounded by 12 symbols of apostles.

  • 1965

    Television Documentaries A 30-minute documentary of NBC’s “I Believe” nationally telecast program on Oct. 3, 1965, featured Mill Neck Manor Lutheran School for the Deaf. It traced a day in the life of a Deaf student and was presented in association with The Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod.

  • 1966

    Pre-School Testing Program Deaconess Eunice Weidner and Dean of students, interviews parents and their young son as NBC TV crews shoot a segment for New York Illustrated. Mill Neck Manor was taking part in a new, unique educational program for infants and toddlers younger than the age of 3.

  • 1976

    Rededication Ceremony On Sept. 12, 1976, hundreds of people gathered around the Manor House, as they had on its opening day 25 years ago for a service of rededication.

  • 1992

    Deaconess Weidner receives award Rev. Wayne D. Puls of Trinity Lutheran Church in Hicksville, N.Y. (left) and Rev. Dr. William G. Thompson, a Board of Trustees member, celebrate Eunice Weidner when she received the Valparaiso University Distinguished Alumni Award.

  • 2014

    Michael F. Killian Appointment to President and CEO Michael F. Killian was named President of the Mill Neck Family of Organizations. A Mill Neck Foundation director for over 20 years, Killian served as secretary of the Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf, Mill Neck Services and Mill Neck Foundation.

  • 2015

    Rededication Ceremony for the John of Beverly Chapel Lutheran Friends of the Deaf welcomed friends, family, staff, alumni, board members and Atlantic District members of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod to the blessing and rededication of the chapel.

  • 2016

    John of Beverly award and medal to LWML Long time Mill Neck Trustee Dr. Betty Duda presented the John of Beverly award and medal to the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) in honor of the LWML members’ contributions to Deaf missions throughout the world. Accepting the award on behalf of the thousands of LWML members is President Patty Ross.