A congregation serving people who are Deaf with the Word of God and Sacraments.

Our Bible story books and videos can be ordered here.

Lutheran Friends of the Deaf provides resources, instruction and support services to the global Deaf community for access to the Word of God so that they will receive forgiveness, life and salvation in Jesus Christ.

LFD provides workshops and Deaf missions presentations; provides translations of the Lutheran liturgy; offers Bible stories and videos in American Sign Language; and advocates for Deaf people to have access to the Word of God through American Sign Language.

LFD is headquartered on the historic campus in Mill Neck, N.Y. Staff members are deployed throughout the world, including in the United States in Michigan, Missouri and Connecticut as well as abroad in Ethiopia. LFD’s Deaf contributors live in Michigan, Texas and Kentucky.

LFD would love to discuss this opportunity with you! Please contact the LFD team..

All that LFD does is made possible by the gifts of generous supporters. LFD welcomes your prayers and financial gifts.

LFD provides many various resources, including in-person workshops and training; Bible story books and hymns in American Sign Language; Chinese Sign Language, English and Spanish; and so much more. Please see the Resources page for more information.

Lutheran Friends of the Deaf is a Recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS). The LCMS designates independent nonprofit organizations as Recognized Service Organizations (RSOs) that agree to ensure their programs are in harmony with the doctrine and practice of the LCMS.

Lutheran Friends of the Deaf was the founding organization of Mill Neck Lutheran School for the Deaf, which added and expanded services over the past 65 years and has become the Mill Neck Family of Organizations. LFD shares the historic campus in Mill Neck, N.Y., with Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf, Mill Neck Services for Deaf Adults and Mill Neck’s Center for Hearing Health.

The best way to learn sign language is from a person who is Deaf. You can reach out to a school for the Deaf in your community and ask to be connected to sign language classes or a Deaf tutor.

Learning your local sign language is a great first step! From there, begin to learn religious signing and get involved in a church interpreter training program (link to CITI). You can also partner with LFD to support our work.