Connecting the Word of God to the Deaf community through American Sign Language.

Bible Story Videos

Signed, spoken and captioned. Our series of important faith stories from the Bible that are signed in American Sign Language, spoken and captioned in either English or Spanish.

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Hymn Videos

Signed, sung and captioned. Our collection of hymns to accompany our Bible stories that are signed in American Sign Language, sung and captioned in English or Spanish.

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Catechism Videos

Luther’s Small Catechism for teaching the faith in Sign Language. The basics of the Christian faith in question and answer format from Luther’s Small Catechism for teaching the faith in American Sign Language.

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Growing your faith through the Word of God. Video presentations of American Sign Language Devotions and Prayers provide so that your faith may be grown through the Word of God.

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Directory of Deaf Missions

Find a congregation near you. Use this locator tool with map interaction to find Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and partner church body congregations that serve people who are Deaf and Hard-of- Hearing.

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Religious Sign Dictionary

Signs you need to communicate the Christian faith. Video and illustrated glossary of American Sign Language used to communicate the Christian faith. This resource is continually being added to and developed through collaboration with our team of Deaf Lutherans who are American Sign Language instructors at institutions throughout the United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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